Celebration of Life 2019

Greetings, Tribe! This past Saturday I celebrated another trip around the sun and it just might be one of my favorite birthdays ever!! My day started with running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (more about that next week), which was absolutely extraordinary. I finished the race in time to run home, shower, and zoom off to … Continue reading Celebration of Life 2019

Hiring a Coach

Greetings, Tribe! For the last couple of years I contemplated getting a running coach and finally this year I did. I’ve been disappointed with the decline in my race performances, and clearly something had to change. Many moons ago I ran my marathon PR, 3:54:34, and I’ve slowed down ever since. My training would be … Continue reading Hiring a Coach

911 update

Greetings, Tribe! My heart is incredibly heavy with this post, but I need to vent… As many of you know, just over a month ago I had to call 911 because of very close gunfire in my neighborhood. Long story short, I wanted on hold for over 25minutes before hanging up. I contacted the sheriff’s … Continue reading 911 update

Recovery Week

Greetings, Tribe! This week has been all about recovery. After running the Chicago Marathon, I definitely needed some R&R. Now, that doesn’t mean I stop moving, but I just move a lot less. Monday through Saturday I ran only one mile and on Sunday I did an easy 6 mile run. So, what did I … Continue reading Recovery Week

Chicago Marathon 2019

Greetings, Tribe! I survived yet another Chicago Marathon!!!! This year I went to the race with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Instead of driving all of the way into the city, we parked and took a train into Chicago. Brilliant! So fast and stress-free! The expo was full of energy, as usual. We caught the tail … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2019

Reasonable Expectations

Greetings, Tribe! The Chicago Marathon is now less than a week away and I could not be more excited!! This is the best I have felt before a marathon in YEARS! Unlike most years, I have actually done all the training. I’ve run slow enough when I should, I’ve done tempo runs and speed work, … Continue reading Reasonable Expectations

Summer Reading 2019

Greetings, Tribe! I set a theme for each year now instead of making resolutions. This year was supposed to be the theme “Strength.” Well, life new better and has changed the theme of 2019 into “No Excuses.” For a long time I have made the excuses for years for why I don’t read much, and … Continue reading Summer Reading 2019