Summer Reading 2019

Greetings, Tribe! I set a theme for each year now instead of making resolutions. This year was supposed to be the theme “Strength.” Well, life new better and has changed the theme of 2019 into “No Excuses.” For a long time I have made the excuses for years for why I don’t read much, and … Continue reading Summer Reading 2019


Greetings, Tribe! I know I’ve written endlessly about our trip to France (perhaps because I’m a huge Francophile), but we also spent a couple of days in Germany. Our top priority (Adam’s at least), was to visit as many Biergartens as we could. We made it only to three (rain put a damper on some … Continue reading Munich

France, Part Deux

Greetings, Tribe! Don’t worry, we definitely did more in France than follow around the Tour de France. Paris When we came up to the street from the Metro underground, I immediately felt at home. A sense of peace washed over me. Our hotel was about as French as they come. They even left us this … Continue reading France, Part Deux