Running Out of a Rut

Greetings, Tribe! It’s been awhile. I’ll admit, I was in a rut. I missed my 100 mile goal for February (darn flu!!!), and was left with that feeling of “less than.” Getting on the treadmill to run that mile each day was about all of the motivation I could muster. Now, 1 mile is better … Continue reading Running Out of a Rut

Foodie February

I’ve realized that as an adult, about the only thing that gets us really excited are food days. We have National Cookie Day, and National Ice Cream Day, National Popcorn Day and National Chocolate Day. You name it, we’ve got it. Well, Adam and I get crazy over the Olympics, and for the opening ceremonies … Continue reading Foodie February

Reality of Race Recovery

Greetings, Tribe! I have come to the realization that I’m an optimistic person, perhaps to a fault. My rose colored glasses had me thinking that after taking it relatively easy for two weeks post-marathons (a week “off” for each race), I could go back to ramping up my mileage slowly but surely. In order to … Continue reading Reality of Race Recovery

My First Double Marathon

Last weekend I ran the Charleston Marathon on Saturday and the inaugural Jekyl Island Marathon on Sunday. So many reflections on the experience…. Training I’ll be completely honest: I didn’t train. I of course ran most days (every day since Thanksgiving) leading up to race weekend, but the longest I ran this training cycle was … Continue reading My First Double Marathon


Greetings, Tribe! Whew! We made it! We survived Christmas!! Once the recitals were over, it was time to party. Each year my holiday starts with hosting gatherings for my various adult string ensembles to celebrate another successful semester and to relax with wine, cheese and various hors d’œuvres. (Yes those are pumpkins napkins-I didn’t have … Continue reading Christmas

Recital Hangover

What a week!!! I’m currently experiencing a recital hangover. This past weekend I had students in four recitals in four different locations plus a company holiday party for which I performed. That means juggling nervous students and parents, constantly reminding families of where to be, when to be there, what to wear, and trying to … Continue reading Recital Hangover