365 Days

Greetings, Tribe! I can’t believe it has been 2 months since I ran the Chicago Marathon! After taking a week off (read: only running one mile a day for a week) and I got after it again. Originally I had the intention of running a marathon in January, but my heart isn’t in it. While … Continue reading 365 Days

Chicago Marathon 2018

Greetings, Tribe! Yesterday I was blessed to run my 22nd marathon and my 12th Chicago Marathon. While my finish time stank, I am so happy with my race. My goal this training cycle was to create good habits. While not doing my workouts for a specific time, but doing the proper workouts. For the first … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2018

20 miles: Attempt Number 2

Greetings, Tribe! Just over a week ago I conquered another 20miles. This time was much more successful than my last attempt. The temperature was in the 50’s-60’s, there was a range of mist to light rain the entire run, and the sky was overcast. Perfection! I met Debbie (future mother-in-law) and Allison (future sister-in-law) for … Continue reading 20 miles: Attempt Number 2