Rubbish Race Recovery

I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last, to have a rubbish race. A race you spend weeks training for, mile after mile you push yourself, and then the race is just a mess. How do you deal with that blow? First, it’s alright to be angry, upset, disappointed, frustrated, you name it! … Continue reading Rubbish Race Recovery

Running and Music

Greetings, Tribe! As many of you know, I teach private violin and viola lessons for a living. It is greatly rewarding, but also has its challenges. My biggest challenge is typically to motivate my students to practice. (Shocker). Over the years I have used various tactics, but lately I have found myself using running quotes … Continue reading Running and Music

Runcation, Part 2

Greetings, Tribe! By now you all know that the “Thugs of the Forrest,” (aka Bears) changed our runcation plans completely. After the bitterness subsided, we slept, ate a lot of good burgers and craft beer, and then we got back out there. Partially because of the less rocky terrain and partially because it was a … Continue reading Runcation, Part 2

Runcation, Part 1

Greetings, Tribe!We survived the first half of our runcation! Our original plan was to leave first thing Sunday morning, but my partner in crime was summoned to work (remotely), so we got a later start. A much later start. My dear friend (and host home in Reno) Vanessa dropped us off at the base of … Continue reading Runcation, Part 1

Runner Interrupted

Greetings, Tribe! It was one week ago that I was sitting in my living room, having tea with a friend, and a loud boom and a bright flash of light shook the house, knocked over a patio chair and blew the power out. The next hour would be a whirlwind of us evacuating the house … Continue reading Runner Interrupted

Running Free

Greetings, Tribe! Yesterday was the Fourth of July and as is our tradition, we ran the Firecracker 6 in Downtown Indianapolis. This is probably the highlight race of my summer. It’s well run (haha see what I did there?), small but not too small, and a great field and course that isn’t daunting but can … Continue reading Running Free