Greetings, Tribe! Whew! We made it! We survived Christmas!! Once the recitals were over, it was time to party. Each year my holiday starts with hosting gatherings for my various adult string ensembles to celebrate another successful semester and to relax with wine, cheese and various hors d’œuvres. (Yes those are pumpkins napkins-I didn’t have … Continue reading Christmas

Recital Hangover

What a week!!! I’m currently experiencing a recital hangover. This past weekend I had students in four recitals in four different locations plus a company holiday party for which I performed. That means juggling nervous students and parents, constantly reminding families of where to be, when to be there, what to wear, and trying to … Continue reading Recital Hangover

Thanksgiving 2017

Boy am I a sucker for tradition, and Thanksgiving is the epitome of that for me. From leaving pumpkin muffins on friends’ doorsteps before dawn, to hosting dinner for family and friends, to running the Drumstick Dash in Indianapolis. I love love LOVE Thanksgiving!! Starting in college when I worked for Starbucks, I worked every … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2017


We can try to run from them, but birthdays find us every year… Starting on my 30th birthday, I decided to celebrate by making a meal for my friends; to honor and thank those who stuck by me through that year’s shenanigans. I got the idea from The Hobbit. I never got into the book … Continue reading Birthdays

Sister Sister

As today is my sister’s birthday, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s blog post to her. Growing up, I wanted to do everything that Jacquie did, to be just like her in every way. Perhaps that’s why people have long thought we were twins or are the same person. Yes, the same person. Relatives, neighbors, … Continue reading Sister Sister

Rubbish Race Recovery

I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last, to have a rubbish race. A race you spend weeks training for, mile after mile you push yourself, and then the race is just a mess. How do you deal with that blow? First, it’s alright to be angry, upset, disappointed, frustrated, you name it! … Continue reading Rubbish Race Recovery

Running and Music

Greetings, Tribe! As many of you know, I teach private violin and viola lessons for a living. It is greatly rewarding, but also has its challenges. My biggest challenge is typically to motivate my students to practice. (Shocker). Over the years I have used various tactics, but lately I have found myself using running quotes … Continue reading Running and Music